MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 191

DYNAMIC IMPACTS WITH DORSEY OST Fitness is proud to have Associate Editor Charles Dorsey, Jr as a regular con-tributor. His column, Dynamic Impacts with Dorsey will take a detailed look at personal training, fine motor skills and aerobic conditioning to help challenge readers to perform, look and feel their very best. Dynamic Impacts with Dynamics will feature tips in relation to nutrition, weight loss, proper lifting technique, and form. It also utilizes techniques to workout with limited equipment and time based on information obtained from experts in the fitness and medical fields. Charles will dispel preconceived weight loss strategies while offering unique approaches to popular techniques. Additionally, Charles will take an in-depth look at fitness technology and explore its effectiveness. Together with tips and tricks, Charles will highlight success stories and transformations from people of all fitness and professional backgrounds. Charles attended Liberty University (LU), where he played football for four years and earned his BS in Business Management. Charles’ interest in bodybuilding started at LU after he won his first bodybuilding contest on campus, Mr. Liberty 1990 and 1991. While attending LU, Charles studied bodybuilding and nutrition from some of the best mentors in the sport, health, and fitness industries. Charles went on to become an accomplished bodybuilder, locally and nationally. Charles is also a Long standing Judge on the Na-tional Physique Committee (NPC). With his 20+ years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Charles has earned the respect of fellow competitors, trainers and clients alike. With more than 15 years of quality Certified Personal Training, Charles is excited to bring his philosophy based on proper technique, motivation and dedication to helping clients surpass their goals. Charles is the owner of Dynamic Fitness, a personal training studio located in the United States. After Charles had won his first national bodybuilding competition, his Mother’s compliment was “You looked dynamic!” The description has stuck. His mom continues to be his most loyal fan and Charles continues to be her favorite son (ok so he is the on-ly boy among five sisters). His mother’s inspiration has motivated Charles to dedicating his life to helping others achieve their best. He accomplishes this by offering guidance and knowledge at several posing seminars and clinics. Charles and his Dynamic Train-ers m