MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 175

to incorporate treats into their diets. “I don’t eat ‘clean’ 100% of the time, so I don’t expect my clients to either. If you eat well [nutritious, whole foods] 90% of the time, having a few indulgences each week is not going to ruin your progress.” Sounds like a program we can get behind! The fitness expert has signed with Magnum Nutraceutical. Magnum is dedicated to integrity in producing the highest quality of sports supplements on the market. They guarantee that all their products are made with 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients and that their products are far more effective in a much shorter period. Caitlyn is currently using Hi5, 100% fermented amino acids, Opus, which is a stimulant free pre-workout/BCAA blend, and Rocket Science, their pre-workout performance intensifier. Her favorit