MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 163

Light Room and I make sure the job is edited down to the best shots. I adjust white balance and exposure if I have to, then the retouching comes. I spend anywhere from 10 minutes to 40 minutes on a photo I retouch. It depends on the model and what needs to be done on the image. FFM: How would you compare the retouching process in fitness photography compared to other styles, such as fashion? Do you feel you have developed your own style of retouching? ES: I think retouching for fashion would be different. Most of the time a fashion model is young and her skin is still flawless, so there is not lot to retouch on her. Some of the fitness models are a little bit older and also usually wear a spray tan, which can often take a lot of correction. I guess we can say that I developed my own style in the retouching, however I really just go by the feel, there are no rules in what I do except the basic must do’s. FFM: In your opinion what makes a photo amazing and stand out from the rest, in terms of retouching as well as the photography style? ES: In terms of retouching the more natural the better of course, unless the goal is to create something crazy. I used to over-do it a little … I made skins real ǒ