MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 151

NOURISH YOUR PASSION - Staying motivated can be challenging. Try these three strategies to keep your drive alive. • Don’t just think it, ink it. Having goals to add five pounds of lean muscle, run a 5K or increase your bench press by fifteen pounds can be motivating end points to get us moving on a more regular basis. But people can more effectively achieve these results if they focus on the work needed to help them build up to these accomplishments. Even better, the most motivated people write down these long term and weekly goals and put them where they can see them when motivation is low. • Stop and smell the roses. Because progress isn’t always linear, it can be tough to maintain motivation on those days or weeks when we have plateaued or taken a step backwards. That’s why I advise taking a look back sometimes to see how far you’ve already come. I advise my clients to take weekly pics and to relish in their accomplishments. When they see that they’ve already had success, they stay motivated to keep going. • Curb Your Enthusiasm. This may seem counterintuitive but one mistake I see over and over again is when people get caught up in a wave of motivation (i.e., New Year’s resolutions) and make really big changes before they’re ready. If you’re someone who rarely exercises, getting to the gym five days on your first week might sound like a really great goal. But you’re more likely to have quality workouts and sustain your motivation over time if you start smaller and gradually work up to this routine. So ease off the gas pedal at first. You’ll still get where you want to go. BFF Nutrition plan – Don’t forget to hold each other accountable! Meal 1: egg whites, 1 whole egg 3 1 slice Ezekiel toast 1 small container Greek yogurt (vanilla or plain) 1 apple or pear Meal 2: 1 Quest bar Meal 3: 4 ounces of turkey 1 cup romaine lettuce with 1 tsp olive oil and 1tsp Apple cider vinegar or green veggie (green beans, broccoli, kale) Meal 4: 1 scoop protein 100 calorie nuts Meal 5: 4 ounces of chicken breast or white fish (cod, halibut, tilapia) 3 ounces of sweet potato 1 cup green veggie (green beans or broccoli) Meal 6: Fat free Jell-O with fat free whipped cream BFF Workout plan – Push each other to power through this fat blasting workout going from exercise to exercise with little to no rest. Repeat three times for the maximum benefit. 1. Switch lunges - 30 seconds 2. Squats on tire (holding hands for even deeper range of motion) - 45 seconds 3. One leg lunge off the tire - 30 seconds for each leg 4. Planks - 60 seconds 5. Roman chair (lift knees to abs) - 30 seconds 6. Plyo jumps on box - 60 seconds 7. Partner on Sled for drags – 60 seconds 8. Standing calf raises (Hold onto your partner for support) – 60 seconds >>> www.MOST || FITNESS M A G A Z I N E || 151