MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 147

1. Ready, OK! Having a workout partner by your side can be the boost you need. Just knowing that you are supposed to meet at the gym or at the park for a run adds to the level of accountability. And when you need to do one more rep or one more set it’s nice to get positive encouragement from your number one cheerleader. 2. Form is everything. When you’re exercising and pushing yourself in the gym sometimes you are going to make mistakes. That’s why having another set of eyes on your form is critical. This will help you prevent injuries and achieve the physique changes you want even faster. 3. Check your ego at the door. We all like to think that we won’t get cocky when we start seeing the results we want but it can happen to the best of us. That’s when having somebody by your side that won’t diminish your accomplishments but will push you to go further can be essential. 4. Healthy competition. It’s only natural to want to keep up with your workout partner. In fact, there is a phenomenon called the Kohler effect, where performance gains are seen in weaker individuals who don’t want to fall behind. I know that when Sarah and I work out together our intensity is always higher. 5. The Fun Factor. Training with someone who has similar goals and dreams is fun and keeps your spirits lifted. When you see them hit a new goal or break through a plateau you can’t help but smile. Always remember that true success is being happy with what you do every day. This is a lifestyle and if it is not fun it’s probably done. Though you can get healthy and fit on your own, having somebody by your side truly can be the difference. When I’ve had bouts with motivation or confidence, my cousin Sarah has always been there for me. And hopefully I’ve helped her along the way too. To reach your fitness goals, find the right workout partner who will have fun with you, compete with you and still be your number one cheerleader. If you do, you can accomplish anything! >>> www.MOST || FITNESS M A G A Z I N E || 147