MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 136

but super delivering. Reinforcing to the client why they chose to hire you. And finally, and most importantly, it is staying in touch. A lot of professionals fail to do this – but this is where some of the best opportunities can come from. The client already expressed they are willing to work with you. Why let that wither away? FMM: You are obviously a passionate, enthusiastic individual who loves new and exciting things, so what is your next unknown road you plan to travel down or next skill or interest you will explore? JP: There are a few irons I have in the fire. The first is that myself and a few colleagues are launching a new online network for the talent and photo industry at For the last few years it has been a podcast on how to succeed in the talent industry; but we are taking it far beyond that to include articles, videos, and additional podcasts with information. I am also involved in the planning of a new conference for the talent industry, hosting a fitness show, as well as dedicating more time this year to personal work. FMM: For your project, Year of the Shot in which you challenged yourself to take creative, new, resonating shots, do you have a favorite shot that resulted from it? Have you discovered the next way in which you will challenge yourself creatively? JP: Year of the Shot was a yearlong creative experiment I put myself through back in 2013. The idea was to undertake projects or specific photos that I had never done before and might not be able to do. Some of the projects I did went well and I was very proud of the results. Other shots 136 || FITNESS M A G A Z I N E || APRIL / MAY 2015 Meaghan Terzis where more of a learning experience on what not to do! My favorite shot stemming from it was one I did with wine pouring into a glass against a dark backdrop. I ended up winning an award for that shot – and it was one of the first ones I did with the project. This year, although I don’t have a site dedicated to it, I am undertaking a lot more personal work to extend my creative needs. I had one not too long ago which I had two rules, the first was that I was only going to shoot film (not digital) and the second was that I was only going to use natural light and no strobes. I was so ecstatic about the results. I have one in a few days at a great location photographing a runner, one in a few weeks doing a completely different style than I normally do. I think those types of shoots are essential to staying passionate about the craft of photography. James Patrick Instagram @jpatrickphoto