MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 105

FFM: You were selected as a Sailor of the Quarter from amongst a fleet of 8,000 sailors. Describe your feeling when you heard the news? ND: I felt validated because I was new to the ship and proved myself really quickly. FFM: Do you think your multi-cultural background gives you a different perspective in approaching clients and your craft of photography? ND: Not only in photography, but I think in life in general. I am more sensitive to different point of view, life or art, and the wider experience really gave me an edge of a better understanding about life in general. FFM: Your resume is full of accomplishmentsDo you believe you were born a talented artist or did you have to work very hard at it? What gives you the motivation? ND: I think talent in general is something you were born with. There is a range just as much as some people are born smarter than others. FFM: What type of cameras do you shoot with? ND: Canon 5d, 6d, 7d FFM: What advice do you have for the folks who want to get into fitness photography? ND: Only do it if you’re passionate about it. Just like in any other photography, only the top really makes money. FFM: Your hobbies include weightlifting and hiking-do you have routine? How do you manage to keep yourself dis 6