MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 78

FMM: How did you first start working in fashion and blogging? CN: I launched my blog two years ago due to my passion for fashion. I wanted to make it look great, to have quality content, even though, at that time, I wasn’t as much involved in the fashion industry. However, I’ve always been focused on details, and I like to think that I expect so much from myself, no matter what my project is. I have learned from experienced people and from specialists, so I have grown in time. I could never have imagined it would eventually become my new job, considering I have worked before in so many different domains, such as the fitness and retail industries. FMM: Tell us about your first designer collaboration and how it happen ed? CN: My passion for shoes is well known, and also that I have an impressive shoe collection. I have always dreamed of having my own line. After several meetings with Ana Parvan, and after I got to know what the whole process is about, I immediately decided to get involved in the project. In less than one month, the models were designed and created and were ready to be worn at fashion weeks. I am looking forward for launching several collections in the near future. FMM: What other future projects are you working on? CN: I will launch an online shop, a bag collection with a Romanian brand, and a t-shirt collection for teenagers together with my daughter. Also, I will open a new Rawyal franchise restaurant (Rawyal is the raw vegan catering restaurant I have opened with my family), and so many more projects in the future. FMM: How did you make fashion blogging a fulltime occupation? CN: Working hard, with passion, together with talented people who helped me grow in this domain-they brought value to everything we have 78 || FAS HI O N M A G A Z I N E || MAY / JUNE 2015 done together. I know I can do more than this, and hopefully I will find enough time to do it as I am so busy every day with my kids, Rawyal restaurant, and my fashion blog. FMM: What are your favorite makeup products for contouring, and what is the best spring makeup trend? CN: The trend now is to use make-up as lightly as possible, so that you will get a porcelain like complexion. My favorite products to use are a brown eyeliner and eyeshadow, with a darker bronze-like face powder. FMM: What are your must-haves in your travel wardrobe and the best shoes for both style and comfort? CN: Flat gladiator sandals which are also perfect for traveling-they are stylish and comfortable. And, I also love the Oxford shoes. FMM: What is your best healthy and delicious dinner recipe? CN: In the evening I usually prefer a green salad, with corn and avocado, or a green smoothie. They are low carb and alkalizing. FMM: Your blog covers fashion, food, travel, and beauty-how do you make your blog stand out and be unique in a world filled with fashion bloggers? CN: I think the most important thing is to put your own personal touch on everything you do. Also, you must constantly get information, be careful to choose quality materials, and be consistent so that the results will be seen in due time. There are so many bloggers nowadays, but you have to bring your own story, and do everything with passion for what’s beautiful and not to just receive free outfits and beauty products. Your blog need to educate, because people who feel the way you do will learn to dream higher in life, and will consider you an example.