MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 66

By: Darcy Tharp ptimistic, driven, weird, kind, and loyal are the five words that actress, Haley Ramm uses to best describe herself. Tenacity would have been another good one, as Haley at the young age of 11, convinced her family to let her leave Texas and move to Los Angeles with her mother in tow in order to pursue her dream of acting. Already a performer as a child dancer and commercial actor, Haley managed to quickly find her footing in Hollywood, getting cast in small roles on television shows and films. She recently got her big break with a series regular role as Brenna in ABC Family’s drama, Chasing Life which premiered last summer and just started shooting season 2. The hardworking actress reveals to Fashion MOST what she loves most about acting and playing Brenna, how she keeps her Texas roots alive within herself, and her plans for pursuing her fashionista passion of vintage clothes. And as someone who knows firsthand what devotion to your chosen career path means, Haley gives sound advice for aspiring actors. “Be yourself and not a copy of someone you want to be like. Be prepared to work hard all the time even when you’re not on set. Be grateful for each booking. Surround yourself with good people.” 66 || FAS HI O N M A G A Z I N E || MAY / JUNE 2015 FMM: You started as a dancer at a very young age. Do you still actively dance, perform, or take dance classes? What was your favorite dance/specialty? HR: I loved lyrical dance when I was young. Everything else was so precise and, although great techniques to learn, nothing is better than the freedom of lyrical. Dance classes aren’t a part of my life now but I have them to thank for teaching me discipline and good posture. FMM: What was the most difficult part of leaving Texas and making the move to L.A. when you were so young? HR: I left behind my whole life. My dad and my brother didn’t move to Los Angeles for years after my mom and I made the trip. I worked steadily once I arrived in LA so just heading home to Texas wasn’t that easy. I never complained though. I knew I was lucky to get to do what I loved. FMM: As a performer from such a young age, was it difficult to find friends/make connections with other kids your age? HR: It was. The friendship dynamic between young performers is not always an easy one. We were all competing for the same roles and that can be messy. I’m pretty fortunate to have a couple of good friends from my younger years that are still in my life. >>>