MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 6

e are beginning the season of celebrations. In the US, we celebrate our Mothers in May with their special day. June brings graduates to slap on the back and of course Father’s Day to honor our dads. In light of Mothers Day, we want to recognize the mothers that are behind our wonderful staff and contributors here at MOST Magazine. I want to start with recognition of my beautiful mother, Maryam Habashian. She has been selfless in her love for me, and her artistic passions continually inspire me. We would like to ask ours and your moms: Please stand up and dip a curtsey: Maryam Habashian, Raedine Schroeder, Amy Price (two curtsies), Jennifer Davis, Elizabeth Fyne-Nsofor, Cheri Bloom, Julia Watts, Mary Tharp, Cristina de Jave, Sandhya Ghangrekar, Miriam Jave, Tammy Thomson, Molly Reardon and Bernadine Jones. The characteristics that our mothers genetically pass on or foster in us may be those that make us artistic, curious, dedicated and responsible even imaginative. As you start reading through this issue, there are so many outstanding photographs that we hope will stir your imagination. There is an ethereal, dreamy, fairy-tale feel that floats through the pages. It is amazing how the photographers this month lead us to escape, imagine, dream. I hope in your mind you can add a story with the wonderful variety of shots, if you can, please share them with us on any of our social media pages, we love to hear from our readers. It is our great pleasure to recognize the beautiful Laura Vandervoort who is our cover star. Ms. Vandervoort plays Elena Michaels on “Bitten” and passionately supports animal rights with various organizations. Speaking of bitten, we talked with the fierce British chef Silvena Rowe. We have the classiest part of Dumb and Dumber, the versatile and talented legend Lauren Holly. Ms. Holly tells us about her new clothing collection, “Lauren’s Closet” and even shows off how beautiful they are. Publisher/Editor in Chief: Cameron Habashian Managing Editor & Associate Publisher: Kelly Price Managing Editor: Darcy Tharp Director of Photography: Kim Mizuno Fashion Director: Melody Minagar Austin Thomson talks with actress and musician Allie Gonino, about her new solo album “Hollywood High”. More acting talents are part of this issue; Haley Ramm and Blake Cooper Griffin share their stories. Fashion Creative Art Director: Frank Berlin Art Director: Miriam Jave Director of IT & Creative Solutions: Rajiv Ghangrekar We are also pleased to bring you our interviews with fashion blogger Carmen Negoita and beautiful Spring-Summer 2015 Collections of Lie Sangbong. In our Travel Section you will enjoy a first-hand visit to Brazil with photographer Alexandre Behtash as he illustrates Brazilian life with his narration and photos. Blogger Juelles Chester has travel tips for you while visiting Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands and Colombia. You will love the unique talents of artists Phillippe Prosper and Boyarde Messenger. Executive Director of Advertising PR / Contributing Designer & Writer Jenna Belt Fashion & Celebrity Associate Director: Rachel Alexandra Greiner Travel & Leisure Associate Director: Natalya Guminska-Anderson Associate Director of Fashion: Laura Michelle Culture & Lifestyle Development Manager: Melissa Wilson Social Media Marketing Manager: Brian Price As you transition into this season of celebration, we hope you have a great time, and that your celebrations are filled with great memories and we hope you will take us along. Editor in Chief WWW.MOSTMAG.COM You wi