MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 28

By: Rachel Alexandra Greiner started shopping there all the time, and joke with the owners that the stores should really be called “Lauren’s Closet”. Though it’s hard to imagine looking at her latest work, Lauren says she always considered herself “fashion challenged”, and Le Chateau solved that problem. Consistently faced with the question of what to wear to a range of events, effortless and versatile are two things she looks for when putting any outfit together. “The Lauren’s Closet woman is busy, and needs to look good for a variety of situations: the office, the grocery, a cocktail party, a premiere… a girl has got things to do!” Last year she brightened our holiday season with Lauren’s Hollyday Collection, including her handpicked collection of fine linens and beautifully crafted adornments when she collaborated with Meret, Inc. She outdid herself shortly thereafter, when she lead us into the New Year with her announcement of Lauren’s Closet, the result of her collaboration with Le Chateau, who she discovered when they designed the wardrobe for a movie she did, ‘After the Ball’. Founded in Montreal in 1959, and well known for the chic looks they offer that require minimal effort, it wasn’t long before Lauren became one of their top customers. “I 28 || FAS HI O N M A G A Z I N E || MAY / JUNE 2015 With Spring right around the corner Lauren is itching to share (and wear) her amazing new collection, and says fans can count on this one to cover it all. Inspired by the idea that more folks should take a little time for a picnic, the looks are crisp and comfortable, but also range in texture and style. From gingham and polka dots to nautical and safari, the only looks customers can count on being excluded are those that require constant adjustment. “If it’s not comfortable, I am not picking it!” When she’s not working, Lauren stays true to the laid back vibe shoppers are sure to feel while perusing her collections, and spends her free time with her three boys preferably laughing in front of the TV or at a BBQ with friends. Stay updated on Lauren Holly and everything she’s up to via her website!