MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 196

hen we speak about Brazil, we usually tend to think about samba. Of course samba is everywhere, but of all the countries I have visited, I cannot name one where music is more present. Music is the soul of this country. It has followed me each day, with the many different rhythms, melodies, and notes. These two photos have a particular meaning for me. They were taken on the street, nothing fancy or exceptional, you would say. But, that is because you weren’t there; you didn’t hear what these two musicians were performing. I was shocked by the quality of the musicians in Brazil; every single bar you enter has a band playing, and the music is something special. 196 || FAS HI O N M A G A Z I N E || MAY / JUNE 2015 Musicians are unbelievable for their technique as well as the way they can make you feel the way they live for music.