MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 190

FMM: Who was the most fun or interesting private client you have ever cooked for and can you describe the experience? TB: Claudia Schiffer, I remember cooking Xmas dinner there. It was a family affair, and I cooked so many dishes-a rather elaborate dinner! FMM: What was it like working as a food consultant on the film-Eastern Promises? TB: Ahhh, an unforgettable time- David Cronenberg is magic! I introduced him daily during filming to my award winning blinis with pure Beluga caviar and got him addicted! FMM: You are from Bulgaria-do you go back to visit there often or find local ingredients from there? TB: I am Turkish-Bulgarian and yes I visit but not often; also the seasons in Bulgaria are awesome, and the produce is the best! FMM: You are considered to be something of a TV personality and are seen on numerous shows and programs-What is the best experience you have had on a show? Tell MOST readers one fun fact about cooking alongside another famous chef. TB: It is Saturday Kitchen and my friendship with James Martin, which I value and treasure a lot! We just get on so very well! And he loves to do all of the jobs that I ask him to do. LOL! FMM: What future projects do you have up your sleeve? TB: I have opened thus far Omnia Gourmet, Omnia Blue, and Omnia by Silvena- all in Dubai. I am opening 3 more by the end of this year! So in total I will have 6 restaurants in a space of 1.5 years. FMM: What do you do in your downtime? Any other passions and hobbies non-food related? TB: Fitness walking-I live on the beach and I do that almost daily, 6-8 km, very early in the mornings! 190 || FAS HI O N M A G A Z I N E || MAY / JUNE 2015