MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 188

FMM: What does your family love to eat? Do your children have an interest in cooking as well? TB: We cook a lot and usually healthy food; we eat mostly gluten free as one of my sons is like me and is allergic to gluten. We love making homemade pad Thai, green curry, and lasagna. My sons both cook, but one of them in particular is just amazing in the kitchen! His food, I love the best! FMM: We all love some good disaster kitchen stories-can you tell us your favorite one? TB: I was cooking chips in hot oil and forgot that I had left the oil on the stove to get it hot enough for the chips and went to my neighbours’ for a cup of tea. Suddenly I heard the sirens of fire engines and said to my girlfriend, “wow, I wonder what’s going on!” only to find out that they were breaking into my house. There was no fire thank God, but a lot of smoke from the burning oil and all the walls in the kitchen were blackened! So I was lucky I guess! FMM: You’re stranded on a desert island. What five foods would you want with you and what would you make? TB: Chocolate, nuts, coconuts and I will make lots of smoothies. FMM: What do you cook at home that you would never cook in a restaurant? TB: Stuffed red peppers, which is my family recipe. FMM: You are Britain’s top female chef-Do you feel a lot of pressure to constantly amaze, excite, and come up with something new, or is that just part of the job and the fun? Do you think the top male chefs are threatened by your success? TB: Male chefs compete with me, all the time; it’s a chefs thing! I will not say I have pressure, but now that I am located in Dubai, I have truly amazed the people there by the opening of 3 major restaurants in only 7 months! I like to evolve. 188 || FAS HI O N M A G A Z I N E || MAY / JUNE 2015 FMM: What do you consider F