MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 176

“Rap is Martial Art Show”- a narrative on how the pen is more powerful than the sword.” Both are international martial arts Grand Champions who have appeared in famous martial arts magazines like Inside Kung Fu and New Martial Hero Magazine. As a duo, they are actors, martial arts inspired clothing designers, fine artists, and fight choreographers that have performed martial arts internationally in places like Brazil, China, Thailand, Myanmmar, Dominican Republic, Rwanda, South Africa, and in the US at numerous universities, museums, and theaters. They are now preparing for a school tour along with a police officer to foster awareness about the subject of stereotypes and how to interact with the police. Hero Art plans to release a photoshoot and video that will display images that cause viewers to think and be uncomfortable about what the children are claiming others say they will become based on how they look. The aim is to demonstrate the gravity and negative impact of stereotypes with the goal to create maximum impact in the viewers’ mind and conscience. One child may also be cast to go on news channels with the company to discuss the campaign and the positive impact that fighting against stereotypes can have. MF: How did Hero Art get the idea for touring at schools and how did you make it happen? PP: F