MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 174

Photo Credit: Fashion photographer Yvonne Taylor MF: What is the most difficult thing about creating a song? What is your process? Did it take time to learn or was it something that came naturally to you? PP: Narrowing down my concept is hard for me. I have a lot to say and my particular style of rapping can be complex and filled with rhyme patterns and wordplay. It’s hard to strike the right balance between that, storytelling, and creating the infectious melody that I imagine all at the same time. I like to listen to the music as loud as I can before I write so that I can really capture the mood and the dynamic nuisances of the song. I like to start writing from scratch - with no instruments- but that’s not always the case. 174 || FAS HI O N M A G A Z I N E || MAY / JUNE 2015 MF: Does speaking multiple languages help or influence you in your wordplay and lyric writing have you always had an interest in words? PP: Totally-I look at language from a lot of different angles and it’s easier for me to play with meanings while identifying root words and the like. Wordplay is essential to my style of rapping. I have always had a special relationship with words. Creative writing, art, and philosophy/psychology were my best subjects in school. MF: What would be your dream collaboration with a rapper or producer? PP: I’d love to rap with Eminem, Nas, and of course Big Pun if he was still alive. Working with Tech N9ne and Busta Rhymes would also be dope. In terms of my own age bracket, I’d like to work >>>