MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 173

born on the 182nd anniversary of that battle. It’s a country born out of a revolutionary spirit; we’ve had to fight for all that we are. My love of martial arts and writing all go back to that. You can hear me challenge a lot of cultural norms and pop culture status quos in my music.” It was in Bethesda, MD, where his family relocated from Haiti when Philippe was just a baby, where he grew up studying martial arts, drawing, and writing. His father was an MMA instructor at the time and Philippe divulges that, “Martial arts kind of chose me. When I was a child he (his father) used to put me in chokeholds and make me wrestle him! We watched a lot of Kung Fu films together.” When Philippe was about 6 years old his father signed him up for Judo, Tae-Kwon Do, and then later Shaolin Kung Fu, which is still his favorite type to do today. By the time he turned 20, Philippe had already become the international Grand Champion in fighting and Shaolin Kung Fu forms. It was later as a teenager, when Philippe was recruited to do some high fashion modeling and acting, which led to editorials in publications such as Marie Claire, DC Modern Luxury, and New Martial Hero Magazine. Describing his favorite shoot he has ever done so far as a model, Philippe reminisces, that it is was in Athens, “on an amazing Greek island that we took a boat to just for the shoot and the scenery was breath-taking. I was with one of the top agencies in Greece, ACE Models, and my roommate and I got cast for the same job so it was particularly fun. We were modeling Lacoste, PRADA, and Ralph Lauren clothing that day.” lthough he is focusing a lot on rapping and his art right now, Philippe says that he will always continue acting and modeling as he is just wired that way. “I naturally love acting and playing different characters in real life. Acting is a part of who I am, and I love it. I have written a few film ideas so I am looking forward to activating my writing and directing side. Modeling-that’s still frame acting in my mind.” As such a multi-talented star, the question is not what he is best at, but rather what he loves the most. Philippe admits he especially enjoys music and fine art as those are the mediums of art through which you and you alone get to be the author of the message you deliver. He reveals that his father, who was such a big influencer for his martial arts, actually made him stay away from rap music when he was a kid so, “it’s mad ironic that I am a rapper now- and that he’s actually a fan.” Philippe says that rapping and martial arts have a special place in his heart as well because he comes from a long line of military generals, political leaders, and revolutionary journalists. “The whole ‘rap is a martial art’ idea kind of encompasses those aspects of my family and my nation’s history. I go to war with גV