MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 172

Photo Credit: Yvonne Taylor Artist By: Darcy Tharp “I am an artist by nature- so I love to express that in all the ways that I can. Martial arts teaches you to have a relentless work ethic that I have applied to each of those artistic disciplines.” That work ethic explains how Philippe Prosper has managed to carve out a prosperous career for himself as an actor, model, fine artist, rapper, and champion athlete and shows no signs of stopping. The extraordinarily gifted artist is, above all else, a man of faith, and devoted to making the world a better place. For Philippe that means utilizing the talents God gave him in an incredibly imaginative way. He maneuvers his unparalleled rap flow and ability to map rhymes and wordplay to craft a striking message. His way with words and rhyme patterns have recently gotten him accolades with 172 || FAS HI O N M A G A Z I N E || MAY / JUNE 2015 underground rap magazines that have a coined him as “a rapper’s worst nightmare.” Employing his linguistic abilities and unique perspective, he is essentially generating his own brand of rap. And in melding rap with martial arts, Hero Art the martial arts duo of Philippe and his brother James Whitley, created a way to address stereotypes and racism, impacting change in our society. MOST Fashion Magazine was fortunate to be able to sit down for an exclusive interview with the rapper to talk about his process for creating, what motivates him, and what we can look forward to seeing from him and Hero Art in the near future. With chiseled features, legitimate acting chops, and raw passion for all he does, Philippe has everything it takes to excel in any creative capacity he chooses. “I think I am wired to fight for change.” Born in Port AU Prince Haiti, Philippe reveals that his background greatly impacts his music and his work. “Haiti was the first independent black nation to free itself from European colonization, and I was