MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 145

and witches exist...But what makes it different from other supernatural TV shows is that it always comes back to family.” She compares the show to the Sopranos, saying the characters in both shows are willing to both kill and die for their families. hat she really loves about Elena is her complexity. She has been through so much in her lifetime, and causes her to have trust issues, even with those closest to her. Laura also points out the contradiction in Elena’s existence: “She is broken and yet incredibly powerful.” Bitten is a truly ground breaking show. “This is the first series where the lead werewolf is a female. I wanted to tackle that. It is unique in the industry and I feel like, in its own little way, it breaks glass ceilings.” Another way Laura is breaking down glass ceilings is through the creation of Super Duper Deelia, a television show for young girls. The show is a live-action series about a young female superhero. Not only did Laura create the show, she also produces it. Laura thought of the idea during ComicCon, in meeting young girls who wanted to be superheroes themselves, but they only had access to characters and toys with unrealistic body types. “Super Duper Deelia embraces the odd girl, the empowered girl, the tough girl, the smart girl, the bookworm, the confused girl, the opinionated girl, the quiet girl, and everything in between,” she says. She hopes that young girls will really be able to connect with Deelia. In addition to acting and producing, Laura works with Humane Society Canada. She was recently a part of their Cruelty-Free Campaign, which works to end product testing on animals around the world. “There is enough research and data to date so that companies no longer need to test on animals. It is inhumane. They can create safe products without the cruelty.” Laura also says that we all must educate ourselves on which products test on animals in order to find the abundance of products that don’t. As an animal lover, this campaign is close to Laura’s heart. “Without a voice they need people to stand up for their safety and well-being. I wanted to be a part of that.” Beyond the Humane Society Canada, Laura is a part of the Starting Strong Campaign with World Vision. This is a program that helps with child and maternal care in the global South. They focus on providing accessible medical care and sanitary clinics. They also assist mothers during the first 1,000 days of pregnancy by providing prenatal vitamins and check-ups, as well as teaching the importance of breast feeding. Inspiration to join this cause is very personal for Laura. “As a child, I was ill with meningitis. I had wonderful medical care. These children do not have that same opportunity.” aura has sponsored two children through World Vision for almost 10 years and working on this campaign is very meaningful to her. She had the opportunity to travel to Kenya as one of the ambassadors of World Vision Canada. Seeing the hard work of the staff and volunteers in Kenya was inspiring. “I really did not know what difference I could make, but the impact the journey had on me made me want