MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 140

By: Lilly Willner or most of us, finding the energy to go to work in the morning can be a struggle. But for Laura Vandervoort that doesn’t seem to be a problem. Not only is she a successful television and film actress, but she has also created and produced a television series for young girls called Super Duper Deelia, is involved with, not just one, but two different charity organizations, and has a very strong relationship with her fans. And with the return of her hit show “Bitten,” Laura is poised to rise to the top of the entertainment industry. Laura has been acting since she was twelve years old. She began her career in Canada doing a television series, as well as commercials and background work. But her big break came a little later when she was cast as Supergirl on the television show Smallville. Taking on the iconic role was a big step for her since it was her first major role in the United States and it was the beginning of her science fiction career path. But even more than that, Laura’s role on Smallville was a huge milestone because she had to leave all of her friends and family behind. With all of the action scenes, working on the show could be physically grueling at times, other times it could be more emotionally grueling. She worried about pleasing fans of the show and she couldn’t rely on the support she had become so used to. She just didn’t know if she had it in her to succeed. But she was able to put all of that aside and play the beloved character of Supergirl, creating a fan base of h W"