MOST Magazine Fashion MAY-JUNE'15 ISSUE NO.9 - Page 109

By: Austin Thomson “It is fun writing alone because you do not have to accommodate anyone else’s artistic agenda. You get to say exactly what you want to say, in exactly the way you wish to say it.” Gonino is known for her roles in shows like The Lying Game and 10 Things I Hate About You, however, her new solo album is not her first turn in the music industry. While balancing her multiple acting roles, she was a member of the all-female band, The Stunners. After a string of hits from the group, she continued her presence in music by joining The Good Mad an alternative folk trio comprised of Adam Brooks, Andy Fischer-Price, and Allie Gonino herself. Allie has just released “Hollywood High” a piece she holds very close to her heart as she wrote every song on the album. Gonino was kind enough to sit down with us at MOST Magazine and talk about her life and latest project. The art of songwriting is a craft that requires a lot of time and reflection, but writing an entire album requires a certain type of dedication, which Gonino calls “necessary.” She began writing a lot of the songs for “Hollywood High” beginning in 2011. Allie confessed that during this time, she was going through a lot of change and confusion. There was a lot to say, and writing down her thoughts to tell a story is what helped. The lead single from “Hollywood High” is called “Vamp”, and it was one of the first songs that Allie wrote when she learned to play guitar. Allie stated “Vamp” is about “someone who is done her fair share of loving. But instead of allowing herself to be shamed by society’s judgment of her sexuality, she almost waves it like a flag.” The song showcases her powerful vocals in a beautiful song about empowerment. Her favorite song to write on the album is a track called “Walk the Plank” which she describes as “high energy but also passionate and dark.” While “Hollywood High” may fall under the pop structure, Gonino believes that the production does not belong there. This album is everything that makes up Allie, with all her quirks. Her inspiration comes from all of her surroundings, giving the album a feel similar to Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple. Allie’s big jump into the realm of music came from an unexpected encounter with the Dixie Chicks at just four years old, which she recalls as a “pure memory”. While at the concert she remembers being the only one on the dance floor, and having an amazing “connect the dots” experience with her feelings and the music. Everything after that, including inspirations from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, F