MOSAIC Spring 2017 - Page 38

THE LIVING WORD Reading Scripture from the Heart of the Church Transformed into Joyful Witnesses Dr. Mary Healy S cripture has much to teach us about how the Lord transforms ordinary people into joyful missionary dis- ciples. The story of the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4 is a classic example. The woman comes to the well simply for her daily task of drawing water. But when she encounters Jesus, he engages her in conversation and offers her “living water” that will satisfy her deepest thirst. She is curious and intrigued. As the con- a result, the entire town comes to faith in versation goes on, Jesus exposes areas of Jesus (Jn 4:39). The Acts of the Apostles gives us other sin and woundedness in her life: “You have had five husbands, and the one you have keys to missionary discipleship. Luke shows how the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at now is [\\ؘ[8'H  MLN KY] [[\XKHX[[X[ٛܛYYHX\H\X[œY\ۙ[[][ۋۛHH\وHHY[Y [\Z[[YYݙH[Y\HH\]\^\Y[YZ[YܜHX[HوY[  [XH][[\ X K]YܙKHH[وZ\[[\Bܙ][X]\X]X]\HH\HH\][[Y][KB\X\܈[[]X]Y[ZYY\[وH][]\%]]\HZ\[ۘ\H[X]܈وH\]\]]\[\\[\[HH\]  ΌLJKH[ KˋXK LNL LΌKM  MLL K]\ ]\[X\BX\[YK^ B[HH\\˜Z[Z[]\[ۙB][[^Y ]Y\[\[8'YB']\HBHX\\HوKBYHHX[YB\][[Y[ZH[\]]\][H]HۙHB][[\X\܂H\X[\HKB[HXHB[[]X]Y[\[H\X]Y[HY\XZ'H  JKZYY]\HZ\[ۘ\B[\H]\Y] BHY\YHوB[X]܈وH\ 'BYH\\[[K^\X[]H[\H\\ˈH^B؝[\H[\]N\X[\B]\Z]\[]Y[܈[X[H\X]Y Y]]\][HH]K[XYو[Y[[œXX[\HYX]K][\Z\\\[Z\وXY\B\ 8'[X]XX[Hܙ8'BH[ٛܛX][ۈ[H[\XH]\]Y[[HYH\\ X K\[[ ^H\YܛY\H\]Y ]\X[\]]\X^H]HY[YYH\XBܙ][X[Y [Xۘ[Y ]X܈H\[HܙX]][B\[\\][\[[۞H] \[\Xܝ[]KXY[H[͂XܙYX\XZ܈[Z[\H[ZX[ M›]X\\[]YY]ۙKZH[HX\H\X[›XYH]HXXH\H]ۙH[B\H\[وZ\][[\XYܝ˂ۈH\^HH[[\\[[K][[\X\8'\YYKBXXH[[X\XH[[وH۝\[ۂوH[[\[YܙX]H[H\'H X MNK\[\][[^][ۈ\Y[HZ][\\H^HوZ[[\H\š][[\Y[Y[[[\\B][[X[\[\˂Y\][[\X\\]Y[KB\[[KHH\[XH\[Y[H^H8'\ܚXYHYۜ[ۋB\YܚY[[ۙH[[\Y[x'H X MNLK[[وHX[[Z\X\܂۝\[ۜ\ܚYY\š\HX]\و\[]و[XB][ܞH[\[\Z][\\[\\ˈ][[\BX\\H[]\H]]\^K]\[[KYۙH\Bۙ\ˈ]\H[YH\ YH[YHH\] \\[H]ܚ[H\^KX\HX[H\ٙ\܈وXܙYܚ\\B]XܙYX\