MOSAIC Spring 2017 - Page 26

SUPPER AND SPIRITUALITY Alumni receive spiritual nourishment from Lenten evening of reflection. Patricia Breen G rowing up going to Mass every Sunday, I remember sometimes feeling confused as to what the heck Jesus was talk- ing about in the Gospel reading. And don’t even get me started with some of those Old Tes- tament readings. Whenever I heard the Beatitudes read from St. Matthew, I felt like sometimes I needed a translation guide. As I got older and grew in my relation- ship with Jesus, I came to understand and experience the Beatitudes not just as some “nice words” Jesus said but as a way to in- tentionally live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. On March 15, Sacred Heart’s Alumni Board offered a Lenten Evening of Reflec- tion, “Living the Beatitudes in Everyday Life.” Dr. Patricia Cooney Hathaway, seminary faculty member, was the guest presenter. Over fifty people attended the evening, and it was the first time the board has done this type of event. We began with a simple supper of salads, soups, and rolls. After Dr. Cooney’s pre- sentation, we ended with praying Evening Prayer together in the chapel. Dr. Cooney gave a beautiful reflection on each beatitude, highlighting a particular man or woman who emulated those partic- ular words of Jesus. To reflect on how dif- ferent men and women live the Beatitudes can help us re-focus and commit ourselves to the work and ministry God calls each of us to in our lives, explained Dr. Cooney. Is there a particular beatitude that embodies your personal charism? How may God be calling you to live this be- atitude in your own family, parish, community, workplace, or ministry? The board members created the event to better connect students and alumni, and to offer spiritual enrichment to people con- nected to Sacred Heart. The board is look- ing for fresh ways to connect with alumni as well as reach and support lay students in lay ministry throughout the diocese. Our next alumni event is a ser