MOSAIC Spring 2017 - Page 24

ALUMNI UPDATE The Most Important Work Fr. Eduardo Montemayor, SOLT, is a priest of The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity religious community. He holds a Licentiate in Sacred Theology from Sacred Heart (2013). INTO THE VINEYARD Alumni Advancing the New Evangelization I am truly blessed to have graduated with my Licentiate in Sacred Theology in the New Evangelization from Sa- cred Heart in April 2013. After working “full-time” for over two years on my degree and thesis (a unique grace I am eternally grateful for), I was anxious to get out into the Lord’s vineyard, equipped with a clear understanding and vision for evange- lization, as well as a passion to transform our parishes into vibrant centers for evangeliza- tion and discipleship formation. It’s been almost four years since I gradu- ated. I wanted to briefly highlight what I’ve done with my STL degree, in what I consider the most important work in the universe—evangelization. Upon graduation, I was offered a posi- tion with the Archdiocese of Detroit, as the associate director for evangelization and Hispanic ministry. It was exciting to first build up the existing ministry teams and to hire highly qualified individuals who were spiritually gifted in evangeliza- tion. It was hugely important to communi- cate to the teams, and through the teams, 22 a vision for parish evangelization in stages. And praise God, we were able to jump- start evangelization in many parishes and to touch many untouched hearts by implement- ing a variety of ministries and designing new ones where needed. I was also privileged to serve on the leadership team for the Archdi- ocesan 2016 Synod on evangelization. Two and a half years later, I was called to a totally new apostolate by the superior of my community, The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT). I have been tasked with helping to develop a parish-based evangelization and discipleship ministry pro- cess deemed “The Immaculate Conception Project” that would impact and transform the culture of individuals, families, and parishes. The assignment is no small task—yet along with a wonderful team of SOLT priests, sis- ters, and laity, we have currently developed two courses that complement each other: RE- VIVE and Becoming Missionary Disciples. Sacred Heart Major Seminary | Mosaic | Spring 2017 REVIVE is a seven-week evangelization course designed to revive a person’s faith by proclaiming a Trinitarian kerygma within a context of great hospitality, and providing a two-day retreat in which a uniq Քո)ѕȁх́ݥѠѡѡȰM)!MɥиIY%Ýѡݕ) 5͍̰ͥѕ)ݕ͔ѡЁɵ́ѡѥ䁵̴)ͥ䁑͍́)́ѡɽ՝5)Q́䁥́ѡݕ䁵ɔ)ѕɴ5͍ͥ͡ɽ̸)$܁٥ݥѠ䁍չ䁥)Aఁɥ齹Ё5Ё!QɥAȴ)͠٥ѡ݅ɴݕѡȁԴ)ѥհչх̸]ɔɕѱѥ)ѡ͔܁ɥ́͠M)͠ݔɔѼхЁɽͥ)䁙ѡ͔ɥ́Ёյȸ)5䁑ɕ́ѼѼ͡ɔѡ͔)ɥ́ݥѠɥ́͡ѡɽ՝)ѡݽɱQѡЁ$ݽɭ͔)ݥѠѡ͔Aа)ݥ٥ѡȁЁ1ѕɕɕЁѼ)ѡȁх)́ԁ͕ѡ1ɐ́д)ѥMQ0ɕѼݽɬ́٥ɐ)5ݡٕ́԰́Ը