MOSAIC Spring 2016 - Page 37

5. 3. “The Lord is preparing me to be ready for anything and to serve anywhere,” he says. “Here we encounter a variety of persons in many stages of life and faith.” One “life-changing” instance took place one afternoon, when a woman came into the rectory crying and desperate for someone to talk to, only to learn all of the priests were out hearing confessions. Brother Nicholas was able to convince her to sit with him on the stoop, and the two engaged in deep conversation. “I learned how to communicate God’s love with a person who was so far in the depths of distress that even the mention of God would send her into a fit of anger,” he says. “By living here, I am learning something similar to St. Paul, that all of Creation yearns for the coming of Christ; that each person desires to love and be loved, completely, heart, mind, and soul.” Bustling Ministries Bishop Hanchon is pleased that the SOLT seminarians are so involved in the life of the parish. The positive comments he hears about the SOLTs from Holy Redeemer parishioners reinforce what first he thought when finding out about the community: On that day, “God smiled on me,” he says. “Father Dennis has continued the progressive renovation of the church and grounds, has stabilized the grade school, and given the parish a path forward.” 4. Captions: 1. Fr. Dennis Walsh, SOLT, pastors the 3,174 registered parishioners of Holy Redeemer Parish. 2. Grade school religious education students learn a lesson about God’s love from Br. Jacob Wisenbaker, SOLT. 3. Fr. Mark Wendling, SOLT, is responsible for the spiritual formation of the SOLT seminarians. 4. Br. Nicholas Hamilton, SOLT, catechizes candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 5. Holy Redeemer’s directors of religious education Marcella Solis and Martín Solis chat with Br. Richard Brooks, SOLT, in the parish’s grade school. Indeed, the parish seems to always be bustling with activity. Each Tuesday night, 160 parishioners attend Bible study—a parishioner studied The Great Adventure Bible study course and is now guiding others through it in Spanish. Men’s and women’s intercession groups meet weekly to pray for the parish, as well as each time Revive is in session. Two years ago, parishioners requested Eucharistic adoration. In addition to morning adoration in the church, an adoration chapel was set up in a front room in the office. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, “people are in and out” constantly, Father Dennis says. An extension of the Image of God crisis pregnancy center was established in the church basement a year ago. Father Dennis says that women of the parish had already asked him about pro-life activities when Deacon Joe Iskra called from the primary location at Detroit’s St. Augustine and St. Monica Parish to see if Holy Redeemer had interest and space. “Right away, we probably had twelve ladies who wanted to be involved in this crisis pregnancy center,” he notes. Today, he adds, the women receive help from people outside the parish, and even outside the southwest Detroit community. help him both incentive and energy for Christian service work at Holy Redeemer, which i