MOSAIC Spring 2016 - Page 36

2. 1. midway through that teaches participants Revived by Revive Besides the five seminarians, the SOLTs more about the Catholic faith, gives them currently have three priests at Holy Redeem- the opportunity to discuss their faith in small er, which is one of the largest parishes in De- groups, and encourages service work. Brother Tim was troit and was once amazed at the the regional base for change he saw in the Redemptorist Fa“The Lord is preparing the members of his thers and Brothers. Revive group. Most Rev. Donald me to be ready for “For most memHanchon, auxiliary anything and to serve bers, it was their bishop of Detroit, anywhere.” first opportunity to began serving as pashave real fellowship tor in 1999 after the with other Catholic Redemptorists’ departure, and he stayed until after his episcopal men and to openly discuss issues of faith,” he explains. “By the end of the eleven ordination, when the SOLTs arrived. Fr. Dennis Walsh, SOLT, was installed as weeks, all the men at my table had develpastor of Holy Redeemer in 2011, and has oped a bond with each other and felt open served sinc H[]X\\X\HZ\Z][Z\Y\ˈXX \\\X]H\܋]\X\Y[X\و^Hܛ\ܙ][Z\ۛ[]HۙܙY][۸&\[[\KHYHوHZ][[YHHY\\[][ۜ\]\ 'B[H]HYY[Y\H]X]\\XX[H\[ ]['x&[HY[[[]HYX\[8'H^\]\[\ˈ8'[ x&[H[^\YZ[H[ܙHHXۛZX]\و[\\[ۙ\BYZ[]^H\H^\H^H\Hٝ[]HYY˸'BH[H]]Hܘ[H\ۙHYܙY8%][]H\X[\ Xܙ[›وHܙX]\X\\ˈ]]H\]\[\ˈ[\H]X][˜H[\\[ۈوH[Hܘ[KH\H\Yۈ^Y\[^ܚ[Z\[K]YZ\HۈH[[Y[[و[][ۜ\] [ؚ[Hۙ\\B\X[]K][ۈ\YH[H][Z[]^KH\و\\[ۙ\\BZ[YY]HHܘ[HH]Xœ\X]K]]H[^\\HZ][\و[ܙHX]H]HYY[Y\ݙ\œ[H[[\X\]H[]\[H]]Hܘ[x&\X\˂'[HX[H\HZ[ۙ\\وBXX[ ]]H[Y\HYKY^H]X]XܙYX\XZ܈[Z[\H[ZX[ M\\ X\ܙX] 8'H]\[\^\˂'[H\KHY]Xۈ^[\X]\HوHX [Y\X[\ZH\Hو]ۈ\K[H[Y\X[H\XHHYZ˸'BXX[]HHX\ˈX؈\[Z\[X\[Z[ۋ[Z\\YX\و[\ܘYX]B[KXX[Y[\YX][ۈB\\8&\\ HY^ YܘY\\Z\\]\ˈY\Y\[H[[&\š[]X[\[]HX]]\\K^H[]X\YY [H^H]B']\ 8'HHY[]][]H]^H]HX\Y[H[Z[\Bۋ\[Z[\X[%[\HX[ۙ\]] \]X]X[\XݙYBH[[[\]\ ^\\X؋'Y[\HH^X][ۜH]܈[KHH^Z[H]قHZ][[[[H\\Y\^H[8'HH^\ˈ8'[[HY]Z\Z[\ݙ[[[YXX[ ]H[HHYۙ\[Z\Y[\\[ˈHY˜YHۈ[Z\^Y\\^HY[\œ]Y\[ۜ^ܚ[HX[^\]B]H]\Yً'HH\]Y[][HZ\ݙ\\[H\ۜ\X[H\ݚYHH[]X[\ 'B\X\Y[]\[[]]\[[XXH\]\HZ[\K