MOSAIC Spring 2016 - Page 31

dents in high school and college to grow in faith and spread their faith to peers. At the high school level, Dr. Keating interacts with young people who already are motivated by their faith to reach out to others. With college students, he serves as a mentor and works with students at Michigan State University as well as speaking at young adult retreats across the state and region. “The main evangelists are the students themselves,” he says. “I enjoy working with young people a great deal. I don’t find it hard to connect with them personally. They appreciate and want a relationship with older adults.” Although working with young people strong in faith might seem an easy task, there is still a need to provide a compelling alternative to society’s spiritually shallow lifestyle. “The challenge is to help young people take hold of a more serious view of becoming adults, where they are not just living an adolescent and entertainment-oriented life.” Just as Dr. Keating is committed to supporting young people in their faith, his faith has grown through his relationships with his Servants of the Word brothers. They have encouraged his spiritual journey through his education and career in academia. For Dr. Keating, this meant continuing his study of Catholic theology, which began at Sacred Heart, where he earned his master’s degree in New Testament theology in 1994. Inspired by his teachers and mentors at the seminary, Dr. Keating continued his studies at Oxford University, where he earned a Master of Studies in Christian Doctrine in the Patristic Era and his Doctorate in Theology (Christian Doctrine). He returned to Sacred Heart in 2000, beginning as an assistant professor of theology and receiving full professor status in 2015. His courses include teaching on the Church Fathers, ecumenism, and mission and evangelization. Each class is inspired by a different aspect of Dr. Keating’s spiritual life. “I’m privileged to teach a variety of courses at the seminary. I continue to have the chance to speak about and write about these topics as well as teach them,” Dr. Keating says with joy. “I’m constantly ‘digging wells’ from the Christian tradition through my reading and study, being refreshed and tutored along the way.” For Dr. Keating, each day is spent in the presence of Christ, wanting only to know the Lord and his love, and to love him and make him loved. “The idea is to pursue this goal with all my energy,” he says. Mary Kay McPartlin is a freelance writer from Maumee, Ohio ( 29