MOSAIC Spring 2016 - Page 19

The seminary has made two provisions recently that continue this tradition of encouraging physical conditioning among its resident seminarians. These are the construction last year of a quarter-mile running track that is used regularly by the seminarian community and the upgrading of the seminary’s exercise equipment through the outstanding generosity of donors. Sacred Heart’s four exercise rooms were already reasonably well-furnished and thoroughly utilized by seminarians and resident priests alike. Racquetball courts, free weights, weight machines, aerobic equipment, and punching bags provided plenty of exercise opportunities for the men. Yet, some of the equipment was beginning to show its age. Recently, though, a benefactor who asked to remain anonymous has donated exercise equipment to the seminary. It is all top-flight, state-of-the-art equipment, with an estimated fair market value of over $230,000. The list of items is so extensive that only a few items are mentioned here. Because of this generous in-kind donation, one seminarian exercise room is now outfitted with a Life Fitness bench press, pull-down machine, bicep curl machine, and a Cybex inclined chest press. A second room includes six stateof-the-art treadmills with touchscreen consoles, a self-powered bicycle, and a Stair Master stairclimber. In a third room, eleven Cybex selectorized weight machines have been installed. The exercise room of the resident priests has not been short-changed, either. The priests now can work out on a Tuff Stuff row machine, pull-up/dip station, and cable cross-over machine, as well as two True treadmills and a True self-powered bicycle. “The priests and seminarians of Sacred Heart are overwhelmed by the generosity of this gift,” says Dean of Studies Fr. Timothy Laboe, who enjoys lifting weights and utilizing the aerobic equipment to keep in good physical shape. “The exercise equipment is extensive, of the highest quality, and should satisfy the fitness needs at the seminary for years to come.” Of course, the goal of a priest-graduate of the seminary is not to look like Charles Atlas when he leaves the seminary and begins his tenure in your parish. He will, however, know that maintaining a heathy lifestyle is a sure way to improve his spirituality while also modeling an image of healthy conditioning to his parishioners. 2. Do you have ideas for donating in-kind property to the seminary? (In-kind means property other than cash, such as stocks, mutual funds, insurance policies, real estate, and the like.) Contact Darren Hogan, associate director of charitable gift planning, 313-596-7404,, to learn more. Captions: 1. Taking a break from working out on newly-donated fitness equipment are seminarians Nathan Grant, Andrew Mabee, John Machiorlatti, Adam Maher, and Christopher Muer. 2. Adam Maher pushes his heartrate up on a new elliptical machine. 3. The formation of future priests is focused on the whole person, including physical wellbeing. Seminarians are encouraged to develop healthy habits of physical fitness that will carry over when they become parish priests. 3. 17