MOSAIC Spring 2016 - Page 18

YOUR SEMINARIANS Mind, Spirit, and Body Extraordinary donation of exercise equipment will encourage top-notch conditioning in seminarians. I n his pastoral exhortation I Will Give You Shepherds, St. John Paul II says the formation of future priests should be “holistic”—encompassing the whole person. He presents as the “four pillars of formation” the careful development of a seminarian’s spiritual, intellectual, pastoral, and human qualities. Part of human formation is caring for the body. Taking inspiration from the Holy Father, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops recommends in its document Program for Priestly Formation that “[s]ufficient time for physical 16 exercise and for leisure be built into the schedule” of seminarians (no. 307), and that “a holistic approach to physical and psychological well-being . . . will enhance the spirituality of priests” (no. 555). A balanced approach to seminarian Sacred Heart Major Seminary | Mosaic | Spring 2016 development is one of the guiding principles of the Sacred Heart formation program—and that includes balancing the intelle X[[\]X[YH]H\›ۈ\X[[ XZ[ˈ[X [\Y[[Z[\X[H\X[HX]B\ۙY[H\وXܙYX\8&\™ܛX][ۘ[[K\][™HH NLH[Z[\x&\\XYK]XܙYX\[XYHY[[\][X[\]\]Y][ˈHBNL[ NM [Z[\X[[š[\[X[\[X[H]]X™Y[[^Z[][H[Y\و[[]\[\X[ K