MOSAIC Spring 2015 - Page 38

LIVING IN THE LIGHT Spirituality for the Lay Person Your Life Will Never Be the Same Patricia Chase D oes God still speak to us today? Often when I lead a retreat or day of reflection, I ask the participants this question. Most nod their heads, but when I ask if God speaks to them individually, their eyes reflect a quizzical expression. The general consensus is that God speaks through saints and the authority of the Church, but not through the ordinary lay person. How can we come to know God? God reveals himself through Sacred Scripture and the Sacred Tradition of the Church, but God also uses the created world and the human person to reveal himself to us. When someone says something that speaks to our hearts, or we receive a phone call at just the right moment, or are astounded by the delicacy of a baby’s tiny fingers, know that it is God. He who knows every hair on our heads, each joy and frustration we experience, and every sin as well, loves us and wants to reveal himself to us. The Catholic Catechism tells us that “the desire for God is written on every human heart, because man is created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw man to himself” (CCC, no. 27). It’s an invitation to enter into a loving relationship with him, which insinuates that there is dialogue between God and each one of us. Most of us feel comfortable talking to God, but to know him more deeply we need to listen as well. 36 Most people have not experienced si- a new light with Jesus as our compass. We lence, waiting for a word from the Lord, see God in ways that were previously hidden by our own blindness. And the good or being docile to the Holy Spirit in such news is that God is initiating this relationa way that their every movement is guided by him. Yet that is exactly what each ship with each one of us, constantly placing the desire to know him on our hearts, and of us is called to do, much like a beautiful patiently waiting for our response. dance where each partner relies on the Is this possible for you? What does it take? other to create lyrical movement. We enter into this relationship through Ask God, the Lord of Life, to reveal himself in a new way, to open Jesus Christ and by your eyes and ears to the power of the Holy “We see God in ways the beauty of his truth, Spirit. Jesus said, “I am and for the grace to surthe way and the truth that were previously render your life to his and the life. No one hidden by our own will. Spend time sitting comes to the Father exblindness.” in the presence of Jesus cept through me. If you in Eucharistic adoration; know me, then you will also know my Father” (John 14:6). It meditate with Sacred Scripture—the Living is our relationship with Jesus that draws Word of God; pray for openness to see God at work in whatever the day has to offer; and us into the divine love of the Father. be still enough to listen to his voice. Today, Jesus invites us to encounter him Then watch out. Your life will never be anew, to grow in our knowledge of and in personal relationship with him, and then to the same. witness this Gospel truth to others by our words and actions. We do so by the power Patricia Chase is a regional coordinator of of the Holy Spirit, which we received at our catechetics for the Archdiocese of Detroit. She baptism. When we surrender our lives to substitutes for Dr. Patricia Cooney Hathaway the Holy Spirit, we are able to see things in in this issue. Sacred Heart Major Seminary | Mosaic | Spring 2015