MOSAIC Spring 2015 - Page 34

Benefactor kindness and hopeful determination of a Sacred Heart professor make running track dream real. Daniel Gallio Seminarian Derik Peterman puts the new quarter-mile running track to good use. Arborists relocated trees to clear the way for the track. F r. Richard Cassidy had just returned to the seminary after forty years away. It was September 2004, and the former seminarian (College Class of 1964), parish priest, and university professor had been invited back by the rector, Fr. Steven Boguslawski, OP, to join the faculty as professor of Sacred Scripture. 32 Father Cassidy returned with exemplary qualifications, including a PhD in Sacred Scripture. He also returned with a dream. “Book. Marathon. Track.” What’s that, again? “What’s the Plan?” Sacred Heart’s building maintenance team has had a long-standing tradition of meeting in the refectory for a 9:30 AM “coffee meeting” to touch base on the day’s work duties. With coffee mug in hand, Father Cassidy joined the table on his first morning of teaching. “What’s the plan, Father Cassidy? What’s the program?” asked plant manager Jerry Brown. Father and Mr. Brown, an employee at Sacred Heart since 1957, had been friends since Father’s seminarian days. Father thought for a moment. “Well, Sacred Heart Major Seminary | Mosaic | Spring 2015 now that you ask, Jerry. Here is my ‘program.’ It has three parts. “Book. Marathon. Track.” The table members asked for an explanation. Father’s first “plan,” in addition to his teaching duties was to complete a book on Peter’s portrayal in the Gospels (which indeed he published in 2006). The second plan was to run another Boston Marathon (completed in 2005). The third part of the Cassidy program? “To see a running track built on the seminary grounds.” Off and Running “I said to myself, ‘There’s a better chance I will be president of the United States than for a running track to be built,’” laughs John Duncan, who was present at the table that morning. As