MOSAIC Spring 2015 - Page 30

FACULTY SPOTLIGHT FR. DANIEL JONES Change-agent for Christ Martha Demerly H ad there been sunflowers in Galilee, Jesus may have referred to them in his Sermon on the Mount. Because its heliotropic trait causes the sunflower to continually adjust its head to its source of life, the sun, the sunflower is a model of man’s need for conversion by turning to God, his life-giving source. 28 In conversation with Fr. Daniel Jones, a priest of the Archdiocese of Detroit, associate professor of theology, and director of graduate seminarians at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, the theme of conversion peppered his discussion of his personal life, his scholarly life, his role as formation director, and his priesthood. When asked how he shepherds future shepherds, he responds, “Fostering conversion. It is the most important thing about life and ministry—to help them open up to Christ, the only one who can really change them.” Deacon David Fons, a fourth-year theologian, notes the fruit of Father Jones’ counsel, saying, “Father encourages my brother seminarians and me to be steadfast in our pursuit of priestly