MOSAIC Spring 2015 - Page 19

David Pellican, 20 Archdiocese of Detroit Third-year Philosophy MEET YOUR SEMINARIANS I first felt called to the priesthood when I was ten years old. It started out as a little voice in my head saying: “Be a priest.” The idea has never left me. At that young age, of course, I did not really understand what a priest was, but my understanding of and love for the priesthood have only grown since. I grew up in a wonderful Catholic family. Both of my parents provided me with strong examples of how to live a Christian life. They homeschooled my seven sisters and me all the way through high school; with all the grief we caused them, they must be saints! I think my parents were surprised when I told them I wanted to be a priest, and thought at first that it was just some passing whim. But, once they realized that I was serious, they were very supportive. When I got to high school, though, I began to better realize what sacrifices the priesthood entailed, and I was not always quite so enthusiastic about it. At age ten, the life of a priest had seemed pretty easy and appealing to me. A priest was someone who said Mass once a day and passed around a basket when he needed money, right? As I got older, I began to realize that priests make a lot of sacrifices. They cannot get married and must promise to live simply; I was not so sure that this was what I wanted to do. No matter how hard I tried, though, I could not push the idea of the priesthood away. During the summer before my senior year of high school, it was time to begin applying to colleges, and I finally had to make a decision about the priesthood. So I began to investigate a little more seriously. I spent some time during my senior year of high school discerning with some religious orders, and also visited Sacred Heart for a “discernment weekend.” Through God’s grace, I was able to make the decision to join seminary, where I am still continuing to grow in knowledge of and love for the priesthood. I am now in my third year of philosophy and, God willing, will be ordained in 2020. I would like to me