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4,587 Between 2017 - 2018, 4,587 patients with diabetes received care though MPCN clinical teams (medication management, education, diet counselling, goal management, exercise counselling, participation in a diabetes class) 11,729 diabetes management visits over one year Chronic Disease Management Diabetes - don’t sugar coat it At Mosaic Primary Care Network (MPCN), we believe in better health for all. Diabetes is one of the leading health conditions for patients in the MPCN area. Diabetic patients who received continuous care from MPCN’s team of health care professionals and their family doctor have shown improved blood sugar levels, fewer visits to the emergency department, and improvement in their health overall. Diabetes can lead to serious complications that can damage the heart, kidneys, eyes, nerves, and shorten your life. MPCN provides more than 10,000 appointments annually for diabetes management. Northeast Calgary has been identified as an underserviced area for diabetes patients. Some require complex diabetes care, so MPCN developed the Diabetes Optimization Team (DOT) to bridge that gap. This team consists of diabetes educators - pharmacists, nurses, and dietitians, with specialized endocrinology training, who provide specialized care to patients in the community. Specialized care includes, “advanced carb counting, complex insulin regimens, optimizing oral medications, and helping the patient manage the psychosocial demands of diabetes management,” says Jessica, Primary Care Pharmacist and DOT member. Speak to your family doctor about your health concerns to improve the course of your chronic health condition today! Dennis, a MPCN patient, lost 40 pounds in six months and reversed his prediabetes. Working with a registered dietitian on eating healthy foods and maintaining an exercise routine, and with a nurse on lowering his blood pressure, Dennis was able to increase his energy and get out of the prediabetes range. “I now check my blood sugar multiple times a day, I calculate my insulin dose based on food intake and plan meals and shopping to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I meet with my pharmacist often and he also connected me with a lot of resources – a dietitian, an optometrist, and even counselling. I’ve done a 180-degree turn since coming to MPCN. I can’t thank my pharmacist enough.” — Darcy “I knew that dieting just doesn’t work. I knew I had to change my lifestyle.” — Dennis “We often see improvements in blood sugar levels within three to six months.” — Lily, Registered Nurse Darcy, diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 27, was referred to one of MPCN’s pharmacists. Darcy did not visit his doctor very often and felt a lack of urgency even though he was experiencing excessive thirst and urination. In reality, his blood sugars were out of control. Darcy began working with the pharmacist and through lifestyle changes, was able to stabilize his blood sugar.