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DID YOU KNOW? YOUR HEALTH CARE TEAM IS HERE TO LOOK AFTER YOUR HEALTH NEEDS Ask your doctor if they are a Mosaic Primary Care Network (PCN) member for access to FREE programs and services today! Build Your Medical Home Sometimes life throws curveballs, and you’re not sure what to do. It could be a physical health issue, an emotionally stressful situation, a financial problem - or all of the above. Your medical home can help. One of the main goals of the Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in the Calgary area is to understand the needs of its communities and respond to them. What exactly is a medical home? Your family doctor is the key to your medical home and can help you access a dedicated team of health care professionals, programs, and services at no cost, which support your health care needs. Your medical home is where you feel most comfortable bringing your health needs and supported in your health plans. Nurses Dietitians Mental Health Therapists Pharmacists Social Workers Kinesiologists Your medical home is more than just a clinic. You may receive health care at various locations within the health care neighbourhood. If your family doctor is a part of the Mosaic Primary Care Network (MPCN), you can access nurses, pharmacists, social workers, mental health support, specialists, community programs, and more. Patient centered care provides you with the best in care through coordinated services and collaboration between providers. As you get to know your team, they get to know your story and can provide continuous care to meet your needs throughout all stages of life. So, ring your doctor’s doorbell and become acquainted with your medical home! When you have a continuous, trusting relationship with a family doctor, nurse practitioner, and team, you will benefit by: Increased life satisfaction Access to appropriate care when you need it Better quality of care Improved health Make fewer visits to the emergency department Hospitalized less often What an easy way to take control of your health!