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Dr. Niki Panich Dr. Oliver David Board Chair Medical Director Greetings from Dr. Panich I am privileged to serve as the board chair of the Mosaic Primary Care Network (MPCN) and am excited to share some of our organization’s strategic developments and successes in pursuit of our vision of “Better Health for All.” We see the patient’s medical home (PMH) as a key foundation to the future of primary care delivery in Alberta. MPCN’s patient medical homes allow for comprehensive, coordinated, and continuing care to our population through our family doctors and health care teams. This “home” is a place where our patients feel most comfortable to receive their ongoing care. In keeping with our mission, “Working together to improve the health of our local communities,” MPCN strives to be an active part of the greater NE, SE, and some parts of NW Calgary communities. MPCN’s community and medical clinics allow patients to access care from health teams in their community. Participants in our community-based Active Adults Program have shown reductions in their blood pressure levels while building relationships with one another. Our Ronald McDonald Care Mobile unit performs dental hygiene for children up to five years old, along with nutrition screening and education at varying locations within MPCN’s geographic area. The MPCN after hours clinic (ACCESS Clinic) allows patients to seek primary care services within the community from a PCN family doctor when their family doctor is unavailable. These are just a few of the programs that have made an impact in the communities we serve. I invite you to explore them all in more detail at MPCN also works collaboratively with other PCNs to support programs for the greater Calgary area. We participate in the “Find a Doctor” program, which assists patients in finding a family doctor at MPCN doctors can access Specialist LINK – a phone consult line for family doctors and participating specialists in the greater Calgary area to provide patient care advice and assist in patient care coordination. Our PCN is also supporting a joint PCN response to the current opioid crisis focusing on education, resources, collaboration with current providers of care, and creation of care pathways. 332,386 The Value of the Patient Medical Home Being a family doctor now is very different from when I started in 1993. The health care landscape has changed so much with shifting culture and trends, differing priorities for populations, and increases in life expectancy. In the past, I would try to manage all aspects of care from medication management, preventive care, dietary advice, exercise advice, mental health support, and even try to help with socioeconomic issues, like housing and food. Today, we have access to a team of healthcare professionals* who can help support our practice and create an all-encompassing medical home for our patients to access. By leveraging these healthcare teams, your care, health, and life satisfaction will become better overall. Please consider taking advantage of the additional professionals who can help with your health needs! patients linked to a family doctor in Mosaic Primary Care Network (MPCN) 55,531 patient visits took place with a member of our health care team* at our member doctor clinics and MPCN clinics 338 family doctors and nurse practitioners providing health care to their patients 110 physician clinics in MPCN The successes of MPCN would not have been possible without the efforts of MPCN staff, fellow board members, member doctors and nurse practitioners, and our patients working in collaboration with Alberta Health Services, Alberta Health, and numerous community partners. I wish to formally thank all of you for your efforts in bringing, “Better Health to All” to the MPCN catchment area. *Our health care teams consist of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, kinesiologists, registered dietitians, dental hygienists, mental health therapists, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, social workers, and physician assistants 92 health care professionals providing care for you and your family