Mosaic PCN Report to Our Community MPCN-ReportToTheCommunity-Full PDF Document - Page 18

We’ve got baby fever! The Lougheed Maternity Group (LMG) consists of family doctors with a special interest in delivering babies who provide low risk care to pregnant patients at the Mosaic Medical Clinic. Labour and delivery is at the Peter Lougheed Centre (PLC). MPCN physician assistants and nurse practitioners support new moms and families by providing postpartum care, education, and hospital discharge at the PLC. They also assess moms and babies one week postpartum and address issues that come up after hospital discharge. The support MPCN provides is invaluable for families with a new baby during this exciting time in life. “We want to thank you very much for your kindness towards our situation. We really appreciate everything your entire clinic and staff has done for us. You took us in when no one would. Your care will never be forgotten. You have made the whole experience something we never thought it could be. The doctors and staff at the women’s clinic recommended other services that we could access to help us even more with life after baby. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much.” — Shu-han, Greg, Baby Aubrey - family who accessed LMG services and primary healthcare team members. 604 babies were delivered by the Lougheed Maternity Group (LMG) in 2017!