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Managing your chronic health condition “We help patients focus on how they react to pain. We need to address what’s going on underneath the pain so they can move forward to accept, thrive, and have hope. Moreover, we take a holistic approach and address the whole person; in fact the mind- body connection is really crucial” Whether you’re trying to lose weight, control your blood pressure, or manage your diabetes, Mosaic Primary Care Network (MPCN) is here to lend a helping hand with your chronic health condition. At MPCN, a team of pharmacists, dietitians, nurses, and kinesiologists work with those experiencing a chronic health condition to help them self-manage through education, goal setting, medications, and exercising, as prescribed. The healthcare professionals involved in patient care work together so everyone is on the same page. At MPCN, all your care is coordinated and managed as a team. If your doctor is a part of MPCN, you can discuss a referral to get started on taking control of your chronic health condition. “No one’s ever listened to me before, but the Mosaic team makes you feel they understand what you’re going through. And you’re doing it with people who have also been through it. It really helps. You share your stories; it makes you feel better that you are not alone.” — Christelle, Primary Care Pharmacist — Evelyn, MPCN patient Free specialty programs and services offered through MPCN to support your health: Prescription to Get Active Get active with this unique prescription; learn more at Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Staffed by registered dental hygienists, nurses, and pediatric dietitians providing free medical, dental, and health education services for children up to five years of age. Pediatric Lifestyle Program Active Adults Program Classes & Workshops Heart Health Program Foot Care Program Staffed by a pediatric dietitian and pediatric kinesiologist to improve the health and quality of life for children and teens (0 - 17 years old) and their families. Walking, weekly exercise classes, and access to health checks at three locations: Max Bell Centre Arena, Genesis Centre, and Marlborough Mall. Classes include topics on diabetes and nutrition. Workshops focus on mental health and health self-management. Register at In partnership with Total Cardiology, MPCN doctors and healthcare professionals refer eligible patients access to an 8-week medically supervised exercise program at Sunridge GoodLife Fitness (2929 Sunridge Way NE). By doctor referral, MPCN provides foot care services for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients. Pain Management Clinic (PMC) By doctor referral, PMC doctors and health care professionals help patients manage their chronic back pain.