MOSAIC Fall 2016 - Page 21

4 2 3 2. A desert hike leads to St. George Orthodox Monastery in the West Bank’s Wadi Qelt valley. 3. Br. David Brokke, SOLT, dips his crucifix into the River Jordan where Jesus was baptized. 4. Time for quiet prayer is built into each day, here at the Church of the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor. 5 Dear Friends of Sacred Heart, • Participate in the Desert Golf Classic. Get a team together the second week of September and slice your way through the course at the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth. Join golfers at the awards dinner afterward. Learn more at In June, we completed the thirty-sixth Desert Formation Experience. God’s grace gave many inspirations along the way. We spent the first week at sites such as Bethlehem, the Judean desert, and Bethany. We wer e able to celebrate Mass on Mount Calvary, where Jesus offe red the def initive Sacrifice. We headed north and spent the night in Nazareth. After visiting Cana, we prayed in several places alo ng the Sea of Galilee, including the home town of Mary Ma gdalene. A highlight of the trip for many of the men was the overnight vigil they prayed in the Holy Sepulc her and celebrating Mass with the Latin Patriarch in the place of the Resurrection. Each year, the men’s gratitude for the DFE benefactors grows as we make our way along. The pilgrimage is a lifechanging experience. Thanks to all of those who supported us this past year. • Make a donation. Only through the generosity of benefactors can the men cover the cost of this spiritual journey. Log onto to make a gift. At $100 and above, you will be recognized in the annual Stewardship Report. Msgr. Daniel Trapp Associate Professor of Theology Graduate Spiritual Director 5. Father Battersby presides at Mass next to the Church of the Primacy of St. Peter along the Sea of Galilee. ARE YOU CALLED TO HELP? The Desert Formation Experience is not free, of course, costing roughly $200 per man per day ($1,500 per week). Here is how you could help. • Host a Desert Meal. DFE seminarians make a presentation at the meal and ask guests to make an offering. The names of the host and benefactors will be prayed for by the pilgrims at each holy site. Learn more at Go to to learn more. 19