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SACRED HEART MAJOR SEMINARY Chairman, Board of Trustees The Most Rev. Allen H. Vigneron Archbishop of Detroit Rector/President Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness Vice Rector/Dean of Seminarian Formation Rev. Gerard Battersby Dean of Studies Rev. Timothy Laboe The Humility to Love and Be Loved Dean, Institute for Lay Ministry Dr. Matthew Gerlach Director of Finance, Treasurer Ann Marie Connolly O n September 4, 2016, the Universal Church celebrated the canonization of St. Teresa of Calcutta. She was a woman who exemplified charity in action. She was a woman who devoted her life to the care of the poor, precisely because she reverenced the presence of Jesus in the ones the world cast aside, ignored, or marginalized. She cared for those who had no voice, either because they were too sick, dying, or still in the womb. She was a woman of relentless giving. Director of Facilities Management John Duncan Director of Development and Stewardship David Kelley Director of Institutional Advancement Edmundo Reyes MOSAIC Executive Editor In the book No Greater Love, she is quot- the peacemakers, they shall be recognized ed as saying, “Intense love does not measure, as children of God” (Mt 5:9). The ultimate sign of love, the sign Jesus it just gives.” Those words come from the heart of a saint who was rooted in humil- gave to his disciples, is the sign and gift of ity. The movement toward love, on our part, the cross. The words from Jesus on the cross coincides with the awareness that we have are words of love, even for those who are already been loved by God. However, the crucifying him. His final command to love movement toward love is comes to us by means of not fully realized simply the cross, and as a result, “The call to love, with the awareness of the our love must also emathen, is the call to unconditional love of the nate from that gift. humble service.” As we continue to Father. To love another, offer prayers of thankswe must have the humility to allow ourselves to be loved by God; that giving for the life and witness of St. Teresa is, to be the beloved of Love, itself. Authen- of Calcutta, be assured of my gratitude for tic love is a manifestation of the humility your generosity to our mission and a remembrance in my prayers. one possesses to be known and loved. St. Teresa knew the love of Jesus personally. She knew that when he speaks to Sincerely In Christ, us about love, he speaks to us as the lover who whispers to the beloved in the depths of the heart. The call to love, then, is the call to humble service of our brothers and sisters. It is also the call to be peacemakers Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness in a world torn by violence. “Blessed are Rector/President Sacred Heart Major Seminary | Mosaic | Fall 2016 Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness Managing Editor Daniel Gallio CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Deacon Kevin Breen Dr. Robert Fastiggi Sr. Mary Finn, HVM Debra Herbeck Thé Hoang Bardeleon Jaddou Dr. Mark Latkovic Dr. Ralph Martin Mary Kay McPartlin Jeanne Pyonk Mosaic is published two times per year by Sacred Heart Major Seminary 2701 Chicago Boulevard Detroit, Michigan 48206 313-883-8500 Read the online Mosaic or sign up for the monthly Mosaic e-newsletter © 2016, Sacred Heart Major Seminary Designed by FAITH Catholic