MOSAIC Fall 2016 - Page 14

ST. TERESA OF CALCUTTA FORMED BY O U R L A DY ’ S L OV E Inspired by a supernatural revelation, devotion to Mary became an integral part of St. Teresa’s spirituality. Dr. Robert Fastiggi S t. Teresa of Calcutta was very devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The formative role of the Mother of God in the life and spirituality of St. Teresa is made abundantly clear in Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady by Fr. Joseph Langford, MC (Our Sunday Visitor, 2007). A Missionary of Charity himself, Father Langford points to the three parts of the vision Mother Teresa had in 1947 that moved her to begin her new religious community. says that “Mother Teresa shared in Our Lady’s grace of mother“Carry Jesus to Them” hood toward those neediest of her children.” The first scene of the vision was “the pai gVƖvBbFP"( FR6V6B'BbFRf66vVBW"GFP66V7&FFFR7VFRV'@֖G7BbFR"vFFW"FW&W6B'( 26FRF0FRƖfRbFW"FW&W66w2FB6Rv2f&VB''( 0f6FR&W76VBFW"FV2FRgWGW&R6C( FR6&R`fRv2FW"FW&W6vFVBV6bW"֗76'FVFW&R֖R'&rFVFW7W26''W7W0W2b6&G67FW'2F( 66RFR7VFRVVVbVgFFVfV"BFV6FVF6FR&6'FPVf"W"FW"( B6RVFVBFRv&G2b7BV2`f֖ǒ&6'Bv&RvVfV"BW7W2BFf'Bcs>( 3sbFW"67FW'3( vF'vRR&Pv&RvFRBW"6G&V( Ч&w&W72FRfRbW7W2RFFvRRV'0FRF&B66VRFRf6v2bW7W2FR7&72vFvRƗfrW72VFVBFF2vBFW"( ФFW"FW&W6W'6VbvrBFR7'V6fVB&BF266VRFW"FW&W666RW vWfW"66vV@G( 27VFRV'B0FR&W76VBFW.( 2Vg@W"G&W72BFRfV7@B7W'FrFW bFR7VFRV'B`FW&W6vRr@( DR$U54TBDU"t2$U4T@'2FRFGV"fV7B`W7W2औDRd4DB4TBDU FR֗76&W2b6&GदW7W2FV62FDU$U4D4U%dRDR"( Ф'( 27VFRV'@FW"FW&W6( ĒfPv2f"FW"FW&W6FP6VBRFWfP7&bVFfFVBfP6VBRB6RאBFRFVbFRf'GVW2FW"FW&W66rFRV'@FW"26VBRvR&VgW6RFFF2f"^( GFb'2&W&W6VFFfRbFRvW7BfRBV֖ƗG&WFR6&RbFVF'&rFVFS( Цf&RvBFBV&Vr6VBWfW"6VVFGF2fFW"vf&BW2( FW6Rf62V67VFV@FW"FW&W6v2fBbFR6rb7BW&b7&FW"FW&W6( 26W"W"ƖfR2vV2W"WFW"3n( 33s2( FR7&Bb'&RWfW'6VFv&gv&( FR&W76VBFW"v2&W6VBFRf6F@FR&B( FW"FW&W6v6VBW"67FW'2Bfv6VBFW"FW&W6F6W'fRFR"B'FV2FW&W6W'2b6&7BFVG'W7BFV6VfW2F'&V6W6RW7W2vfPFBFR"&RW'2VrW"6G&VfFW"vf&@ 67&VBV'B"6V֖'62f#`