MOSAIC Fall 2016 - Page 10

ST. TERESA OF CALCUTTA She asked herself in anguish: “Is God’s absence a sign of sinfulness or favor? Am I to love the darkness and how?” Dr. Ralph Martin 8 Sacred Heart Major Seminary | Mosaic | Fall 2016 E ven though the main lines of Mother Teresa’s experience of “darkness” had been known for several V'2FRgVV&Ɩ6FbW"&fFPWGFW'2#G&Wrv&BvFRVF6fW&vRࢄFW"FW&W66R&RגƖvCFR&fFPw&Fw2bFR( 6Bb67WGF( VFFVB@vF6VF''g"'&FV6V2␠