Morgan Hill Today 2014 12 Winter - Page 44

Artist Ramona Fusco: Remodel Turns Into Career Written & Photographed By Laura Wrede Asa newly married couple, Ramona Fusco and her husband, Paul, started life on a student budget. Still in college, Ramona knew that decorating and remodeling their outdated home would require some serious creativity; the kind that takes you wandering through flea markets, salvage yards, and thrift stores scouring through dusty boxes and castoffs. As an art student, what Ramona lacked in funds she made up for in creative inspiration. She has a unique talent that allows her to transform something as mundane as an old hatbox into a genuine work of art. Bit by bit Ramona and Paul began to undergo the long process of remodeling their home. When April rolled around the following year, the weather warmed, curtains were pulled back revealing bright sunny days, flowering bulbs dotting the drive, and all the flaws and cracks in the old kitchen counters stared Ramona right in the face. Right then and there she knew the next job to tackle. She made her list, with tape measure in hand, and ideas swirling in her head, she set off in search of tile. She wasn’t prepared for what happened next. 44 M O R G A N H I L L T O D A Y W I N T E R 2 0 1 4