Morgan Hill Today 2014 12 Winter - Page 38

{ } AGING with an Attitude Reversing the Aging Process …Defying Your Age By Dorie U. Sugay Dorie Sugay is the Executive Director of Visiting Angels, a company that provides livingassistance services to seniors and adults-in-need who wish to stay in their own home or receive oneon-one care within a facility. This article is for informational and educational purposes only. It was written independent of Visiting Angels. Our cells need energy to function. When the energy engine in our body becomes less efficient in processing physiological fuel like glucose into energy, biology experts point to a lack or absence of oxygen. Dr. David Sinclair, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, suggests that the lack of oxygen is what causes cells to deteriorate and eventually die. In a journal called “Cell,” which was published in December of 2013, Sinclair and his colleagues from the University of New South Wales in Australia found that giving 2-year old mice a chemical compound (NAD) for only one week showed some remarkable transformation – their tissues resembled that of a 6-month old mice. Applied to humans, Sinclair likens this to a 60-year old’s cells becoming more like those belonging to a 20-year old! As mammals age, Sinclair posits that levels of NAD drop as much as 50 percent and the more it drops, the more vulnerable we are to consequences of aging (inflammation, slower metabolism, etc.) With the introduction of NAD, their experiment, in essence, tricked the mice’s bodies into thinking it is young again, thereby causing age reversal. (Please don’t share this with Joan Rivers, lest she harasses Sinclair for these NADs!) You read it right, folks, it seems that Sinclair may have found the silhouette of the fountain of youth in the horizon. But he is not ready to claim that NAD will bring us immortality. Although the results suggest that “if a body is slowly falling apart and losing the ability to regulate itself effectively, we can get it back on track to what it was in its 20s and 30s,” and he sees their discovery helping in cancer research. There is more work to be done. (In other words, hang on to your request to be one of the first humans to participate in the clinical trial. Besides, I already have a million copies of my request, stamped and ready to go!) Imagine for a moment what our quality of life could be if as Sinclair says, with the use of NAD, our bodies can continue to better regulate itself despite our age. I think of Virginia L. in Morgan Hill who is 98 years old and should get a speeding ticket as she pushes her walker at high speed. What could she be like with NAD if without it, she is still so sharp and full of life at 98? On his 105th birthday, my grandfather danced with a 25-year old. NAD would have had grandpa doing the salsa! But folks, let’s not wait for Sinclair – let’s learn from some of the people who have 38 M O R G A N H I L L T O D A Y W I N T E R 2 0 1 4