Morgan Hill Today 2014 12 Winter - Page 26

Don’t let Jack Frost keep you from having a beautiful garden By Deborah Barncord This winter has been cold and if your garden looks like mine, there are some empty spaces where Jack Frost hit and killed some of my favorite plants. The good news is, that although spring is a few months away, you can start to plant your replacement flora now. You will want to make sure, however, to pick those perennials and succulents that can withstand the cold. There are many choices that will bring color to your garden; not just cold resistant, but drought resistant as well. Some of my favorite succulents, that don’t get bothered by the cold, are the Agave Blueglow and Agave Polyphylla. Both can survive in the low 20’s without a problem and they are drought tolerant. The Aloe Polyphylla, with its spiral growth, is one of the most beautiful succulents I have ever seen. It is sure to be a show stopper in your garden. Some wonderful flowering perennials that are beautiful all year are the Polygala Virgata, Myrtus, Leucadentron (make great cut flowers) and Isopogon. See how unique and beautiful they are in the photographs on the left. It’s San Francisco Garden Show time and we’re excited to see the creativity that will be showcased on the show floor this year. Last year we saw the most beautiful Azaleas. I am inspired to try them out in a special part of my garden this year. I always find some amazing ideas that I can use in my DIY projects for the spring. One DIY project that I love to do in the winter is redecorating my indoor terrarium. I am able to get my fix for gardening before the weather really lets me outside! One hot trend that will trigger your ceativity is the fairy garden terrariums. You can add miniature gazebos, furniture, statues, stepping stones and, of course, fairies if you so choose. It’s fun putting different colored stone at the bottom of the terrariums. Also, it’s a great way to use Air Plants or Tillandsia, they are so easy to grow and come in so many colors and textures with beautiful exotic flowers. They look great in the terrariums and only need to be pulled out every two weeks or so for a good soaking. I have also seen them on bathroom walls tied on a fishing line — a great way to bring some plant life into your bathroom. Terrariums can be made from anything — from old clear vases to garage sale finds, bowls or the new hanging teardrops that look great at the kitchen window. The only rule is that you need to have clear glass so you can see and enjoy your creation. IT’S TIME TO o Apply pre-emergent to your lawn and garden to prevent spring time weeds o Plant your Dahlias, Cannas, Gladiolas, Begonias o Plant herbs like cilantro, oregano, rosemary, mint o Start your tomato seeds o Finish pruning shrubs like Butterfly Bush, Mexican Sage Brought to you by Garden Accents 11155 Lena Avenue • 408.846.4555 • 26 M O R G A N H I L L T O D A Y W I N T E R 2 0 1 4