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Pitfalls to avoid when selling your home? In These tips are important and can make the difference between a quick sale or Silicon Valley, a home on the market can sell quickly and often with multiple offers. Many times, the price goes well above the asking price. These simple steps will ensure your home will be at its best and receive the highest possible price when you sell. sitting on the market waiting for a buyer. Many times owners do not look at their home from a critical eye and wonder why the neighbor’s home sold faster or for more money. Ask your Realtor to take a walk through your home and point out the noticeable items that should be changed. o Be sure when a buyer opens the front door they are greeted by a clean, uncluttered foyer that looks inviting to anyone. It makes them want to see more. o Pets are loved by the family but not so much by the buyers. Some buyers have extreme allergies and will go running from the home. Take your pets out of the home for showings and all of their endearing toy, beds and food. o Be sure to leave the property before your showing. Turn on all the lights and escape. Buyers will be honest and stay longer in the home than if you were there. o Bad smells in a home can send a buyer running. Buyers do not want to stay in a home that smells of cooking, garbage or pets. Have a friend come and tell you if you have offensive odors. Homeowners sometimes get used to the smell and do not notice. o Of course the dirty house can have the buyer think the home is not taken care of and they want to know what else could be neglected. Hire a cleaning company to clean top to bottom and have your home sparkle. o lf your home is poorly lit, be sure you have lights on and new light bulbs, and sparkly clean windows. o lf you have loud or busy wallpaper, spend some time taking it off the walls and replace with neutral paint. Light colors make your home appear larger and brighter. o Unkempt yards and bushes can make the home appear shabby and not cared for. Hire a gardener and tree trimmer to spruce up the yard and plant some blooming flowers in pots and in your yard for a pop of color. This is the first impression they see of your home. Do not skimp on this. o Any flooring surface must be clean and in great shape. If carpets are worn or very dirty replace them. Tile and wood should be professionally cleaned. o Take the time to clean and stage your bathroom with new towels and decorator articles. Do not use too many though. Add a pop of color to a drab bathroom or go neutral with your taupes, whites and creams for color. Be sure all tile is grouted, unstained and caulked where needed. Completing this checklist will ensure your home is in the best position for a faster sale. Quick Stats Local Trends Single Family Residential in Morgan Hill & San Martin 2014 January February March Active/Pending 134 138 204 Homes Sold 35 42 40 Days On Market 56 36 38 Sale To List Ratio 99.6% 98.3% 100.3% Teri Nelson, Realtor Intero Real Estate Services 408.425.5200 BRE#00858151