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Creating your own personal spa experience By David Domenichini It’s been a long day. Your boss was “in a mood” and traffic was a nightmare. Time ticked by painfully slow. At 5:30 pm, you pick up the kids, and go through the nearest drive-thru. You know the only thing that will keep you sane is waiting for you twentyseven steps on the other side of your front door; your new master bath. You stumble inside and kick off your shoes (no cold toes thanks to your heated tile floor). You put your favorite television show on your mirror TV and hop in your jetted, whirlpool tub. After a half hour of relaxing, it’s time to rinse off in your new shower with body jets. You choose eucalyptus for the night’s aromatherapy scent. The refreshing shower body jets massage your aching muscles. You grab a warm fluffy white towel which is draped on the warmer. Some may call this a luxury, but you call it your lifesaver! David Domenichini is the owner and proprietor of D.R. Domenichini Construction, which was named Morgan Hill Business of the Year in 2012. He brings nearly 20 years of experience to his family-owned and operated business. David resides in the Morgan Hill area with his wife Gina. Both are active in the community. Visit their web site at or call 408.691.3283. 2014 Bathroom Trends … Creating a spa-like experience at home has gained popularity in recent years. While every day may not be hectic, having a place in your home that allows you to relax and rejuvenate may help you reduce stress leading to a healthier and longer life. If you’re considering creating a spa environment in your home in 2014 here are five great choices: Heated Towel Bar Towel warmers are gaining in popularity not only as luxury items, but practical ones as well as they reduce moisture and mildew in your linens. For the budget conscious simple plug-in designs are available for a few hundred dollars. Many homeowners, however, might want to invest in one that has hidden wiring and multiple racks for a sleek finished look. Heated Tile Floors Just like heated towel bars, heated flooring is another creature comfort with added benefits. Unlike forced air that blows through your home’s duct system, heated tile flooring uses radiant heat that doesn’t distribute allergens. It also tends to be more efficient because it eliminates lost air. Flooring can be heated with water (hydronic) which helps keep high electric bills down. The other option is electric heat. A mesh containing wire is typically installed below the tile. This system is also more energy efficient compared to forced air. Shower Body Jets This method of showering goes far beyond clean. Panels of shower jets allow you to transform your shower into an experience ranging from gentle rain to standing under a waterfall. Side jets with multiple settings create a luxurious massage that will leave you refreshed and relaxed. Jets can be custom fit for each individual’s height to maximize benefits. Aromatherapy We are all familiar with incense sticks, potpourri, and oils in plug-ins, but now aromatherapy has gone to a new level. With the advent of steam systems in showers, manufacturers now offer aromatherapy delivery systems that allow you to infuse oils directly into the steam filling your entire bathroom with a true spa-like experience. This system allows the steam to mix with the oil making it more beneficial, according to some experts. Mirror TV Mirror TVs act as an elegant complement to the decor of your room. You choose the frame suitable to the style of your room. Typically two inches from the wall and flush mount, when the TV is turned off, it simply looks like a large framed mirror. S P R I N G 2 0 1 4 M O R G A N H I L L T O D A Y 25