Moodys Gartner Tax Law: It's About You - Page 6

Corporate tax planning Our team thrives on finding strategic solutions for your corporate tax issues in Canada, the US, or both. With a commitment to understanding the latest trends and developments in legislation, administration, and case law so we can provide you with the most effective solution for your tax situation. • Business expansion planning • Cross border business income • Cross border business interests • Cross border business operations • Employee expatriation • International tax strategy • Profit distribution and remuneration • Purchase and sale of business/assets • Succession planning • Tax counsel to laywers and accountants Estate and trust planning An important part of financial success is the legacy you will leave behind. As part of your complete tax solution, the Moodys Gartner Tax Law team will work with you to design strategies for estate and trust planning, business succession planning, and assist with estate litigation. • 21-year deemed disposition planning for trusts • Planning to minimize tax on death • Post-mortem tax planning • Use of testamentary trusts in will planning • Use of trusts to acquire certain foreign assets • Use of trusts to assist in asset protection • Use of trusts to assist in succession planning • Will and succession planning for Canadians who hold international assets • Will planning for Canadians who are also US citizens • Probate planning For the latest tax trends follow us on Twitter @moodysgartner