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The Moodys Gartner team The Moodys Gartner Tax Law team is dedicated to tax only – tax in Canada, tax in the US, and tax in both. Meet the four directors who lead our experienced group of Canadian and US tax lawyers, Canadian Chartered Accountants, and US Certified Public Accountants. Dale Franko CPA, CA, CPA (IL, USA), TEP Director, Canadian Tax Advisory Dale is the proverbial duck moving through water. He looks perfectly calm on top, but the precise, purposeful activity going on under the surface is powerful. Dale believes there is a solution for every problem if you think smart, know your facts, and employ creative problem solving. Greg Gartner MBA, LLB, CA, QC Director, Canadian Tax Law; Barrister and Solicitor Greg Gartner is a bona fide maverick. He thrives on finding innovative ways to make things happen and sees problems as something to solve. Greg finds a way to close the deal, and will not stop until he has looked at things from every angle and found the right solution. Kim G C Moody FCA, TEP Director, Canadian Tax Advisory The antithesis of status quo, Kim is driven to innovate new and better ways to do things for his clients, the firm, and other tax professionals. His relentless obsession with the Tax Act makes him a highly sought out resource for peers and clients. Meet the entire Moodys Gartner team at 13