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Local reflexologist learns unique technique to help others Monticello-based Lorri Kulberg is certified to provide lymphatic drainage BY TIM HENNAGIR MONTICELLO TIMES Lorri Kulberg has been a certified reflexologist for a year, but during that time she’s earned an important distinction. Kulberg is the only person in Minnesota who performs a technique that helps people suffering from swollen lymph nodes. “I personally know several people that suffer from secondary lymphedema,” said Kulberg, owner of Life in Balance, LLC, located inside Body Rhythms Massage & Bodywork, 315 Walnut St. in Monticello. “It hurts me to see how their quality of life has reduced because of it.” The lymphatics are a part of the immune system and it is thought of as the bodies waste disposal system. Lymphedema is a swelling that can be debilitating, embarrassing and painful. Secondary Lymphedema is the result of problems outside of the lymphatic system; examples: surgery, cancer, radiation therapy, obesity and trauma. Reflexology is a Holistic approach to health and well-being. By using skillful pressure to specific points in the feet, reflexology has shown to improve circulation, which can decrease muscle tension, reduce swelling Lorri Kulberg, owner of Life in Balance, LLC, located inside Body Rhymths Massage & Bodywork, 315 Walnut St. in Monticello, is the only person in Minnesota certified to perform a technique that helps people suffering from swollen lymphnodes. (Photo by Tim Hennagir) from injuries or illness, and improve ability to concentrate. Reflexology also can help alleviate headaches, reduce arthritic and back pain, give support during addiction withdrawal, ease premenstrual dis- comforts, and reduce the symptoms of diabetes. Kulberg has been a business owner in Monticello for 10 months. She was trained by a college instructor who is nationally ap- proved to teach reflexlogy. “I heard about this new technique through a reflexologist Facebook group and thought how great it would be to know this protocol,” Kulberg said. The person teaching the pro- tocol, Sally Kay BSc(Hons), lives in the United Kingdom. Earlier this year, Kay announced she would be in the United States and Canada for the first time to teach Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD). “The training was offered in Seattle so I jumped at the chance,” Kulberg said. “I was one of only 23 class participants. Other students came from Washington, California, Arizona and Indiana. It’s very new, but and has been performed in the United Kingdom since 2010.” For her initial reflexology certification, Kulberg competed 200 hours of classroom and practice time. She’s taken various other courses and many hours of self-study learning about the systems of the body. For Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD), Kulberg completed the previously mentioned course in May of this year. RLD was originally researched with breast cancer patients, Kulberg said. Patients experienced less discomfort, swelling and an increase in strength and arm mobility. Since the completion of original research, RLD is found to be beneficial to other immune Continues on Page 5